can I have an event in your space?

Yes. If your party is smallish (< 20 people), give us a call and we'll likely be able to reserve a table or two for you. We can sometimes even do that with larger parties if you're coming during a slow time (like early Monday afternoon). Find out more about renting our downtown Minneapolis taproom for your next event. 

do you have gluten-free beer?

We do not currently have any gluten-free beer on tap. We do have some beers that are very low gluten (made with no wheat). If you are interested in these options, send us a quick note and we'll be happy to tell you which of the current beers have no wheat.

do you have any beverages other than beer?

Yes, we usually have a few Coke products on hand, as well as IZZE sparkling juice. You're also welcome to bring in your own non-alcoholic beverages.

Can i bring my dog?

Yes, well-behaved dogs are welcome at the moment. Note our taproom is small and we do not have an outdoor patio, so use your best judgement.