A very special thank you to those listed here. They include those who believed in us — and our beer — long before we opened our doors (certainly when we needed them most) by backing our fundraising efforts. Also listed are those who offered their quite remarkable talents and skills to help us get the taproom up and running. Some even did both. Because of friends like you, our dream is possible. Thank you.

Aaron & Tiffany Carlson

Adam & Sharma Affeldt

Alex Dewar

Andy & Yue Engebretson

Ben Fisher

Bill and Lyn Jacobs

Brent Oelrich

Chi Ngo

Chris Crammer

Craig Arnold

Dan & Veronica Kernler

David Neu


Doug & Teresa Becker

Eric Britt

Eric Laubach

Hal & Lana Becker

Howard & Pam Manresa

Jake & Sarah Nassif

Jeremy Montour

Jim & Mary Kleinke

Ken & Jane Michlitsch

Larry & Elaine May

Maggie Mahoney

Marikay Klein

Marnie Sanders

Martha Kranes

Matt & Erin Weyland

Melinda Behrens

Mercy Manresa

Miriam Krause

Mosh Manresa

Nick Curran

Par & Beth Ljungstrom

Rachel Hampton

Richard Superfine

Rita Michlitsch

Ron & Judy Michlitsch

Ryan Michlitsch

Ryan & Kimberly Sebesta

Sam Mattson

Shawn & Tara Michlitsch

Shelly Wenshau

Steve & Julie Carr

Travis Noll

Yanerys Ramos